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Landlords Guaranteed Rental Scheme

  • Are you tired of not getting rent paid on time?
  • Perhaps as a landlord you are not getting rent paid at all and are having to go through the courts to get a tenant evicted.
  • Maybe the increase in mortgage costs has left no money for general maintenance etc.


 Firstly, we guarantee the rent to the landlord using a commercial rent agreement that is backed by an indemnity insurance. This means the landlord has no worries in relation to not receiving rent as the insurance would kick in and pay out if for some reason this were to happen. Through our Company let agreements the property would also legally be back in the landlord’s control within 6 weeks of nonpayment of rent without any need to go to court for eviction orders etc. Having such agreements gives all our landlords a clear peace of mind with great assurances.

All general maintenance is a paid for by us meaning that the guaranteed rent we agree with our landlords over the duration of our agreement is exactly what they will be getting. There will be NO DEDUCTIONS.

Both ourselves and/or our associates manage and maintain all of our guaranteed rental properties to a very high standard.

Having this knowledge gives the landlord further assurances his property asset has the very best chance possible of creating a great return on investment.

If you are a landlord and want to discuss our guaranteed rent scheme, our managed scheme or our property purchase scheme get in touch. [email protected]

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